The OriginalDrop-Deck Trailer

Rock Line Products is the only trailer company to exclusively specialize in drop-deck technology and the best choice for a safe and simple ride.  The Air-tow Trailer is a culmination of over 20 years of experience and fine tuning.  Whether it is for personal use or for business, there is an Air-tow to fit your needs.

Ground Loading Technology

Every trailer in the Air-tow line drops all the way to the ground. This eliminates the trouble of a tilt bed and makes ramps a thing of the past. Ground-level loading keeps the operator and the equipment safe in any situation.

The Air-towAdvantage

The Air-tow trailer is the most superior ground-loading trailer on the road today. Follow this link to learn about the various features of the Air-tow and how they stack up against the features found on other trailers.

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